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Sex workers contribute ificantly to the economic health of print publications—and many other industries. How criminalization around sex work hurts everyone. Originally published in Hazlitt Magazine. By Alexandra Kimball.

Here are some of the best from our community members.

My favourite examples of sex worker advertising are from Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcano in 79 AD and then recovered over a series of digs in the 18th and 19th centuries. Pompeii was a tourist town, its economy fed by the actors and soldiers who charged in on their flush days, looking for wine and gambling and well-priced sex. One early excavator estimated that there was one brothel for every people in the city.

In this ancient Vegas, sex was marketed unapologetically, with a directness that would shame the most mercenary of modern advertisers.

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Pornographic paintings in the public baths may have also been linked to sex workers, indicating that they were available in rooms on the upper floors. The sex work of Pompeii were ingenious, but what makes them relevant now is the way they provoked and confused excavators many centuries after the fact.

These were men of their time, and their aesthetic interest in the ancient world was throttled by Christian prudery. Among the fine artifacts of white-marbled antiquity—perfectly engineered aqueducts and Doric colonnades—were baldly erotic frescos; lewd graffiti; and penises everywhere, strung from wind chimes, arcing out of walls, clustered on the paving stones like mushrooms. Administrators resolved this by dividing up their finds, displaying the glorious colonnades while bricking Magazine escort classified the frescos and dick pottery from public view. As if the former could exist without the latter; were not financed by it completely.

The bill would criminalize the buyers of sex as well as people who work with sex workers known as third partiesin place of the workers themselves.

Arkansas Sluts

The most recent amendments to Bill C36 removed a provision that would prosecute sellers—sex workers—for advertising their own services when these could be seen by people under the age of Third-party advertisers remain liable. They could use a variety of third-party advertisers that link back to their personal websites, they could advertise via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and they could also advertise in newspapers.

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And there will be consequences that stretch beyond the adult industry, into licit spheres that are propped up, whether we realize it or not, by the invisible economy of sex work. Take The Gridan acclaimed Toronto alt-weekly owned by Star Media Group, which folded due to revenue shortage this June after only two years on newsstands.

And so, for its run, The Grid engaged in a very incongruous bit of editorial NIMBY-ism, publishing all manner of stories in support of sex workers full disclosure: I wrote one of them while refusing to run their .

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Excising them, he says, was more of a business decision than a moral one. In addition, NOW works with sex worker organizations and provides weekly tips in the magazine to ensure safer services.


And the less secretive publishers are about this relationship, the better they seem to do: the Grid is dead, but NOW—despite a defiantly untrendy de—is holding strong. A common refrain of anti-prostitution activism is that sex work is now almost entirely online, a claim than employs the technophobic narrative of decline to make the sex industry seem more dangerous than ever one commenter called Internet-based sex work a postmodern form of abuse.

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There is no question that online advertising has transformed the sex industry, but in fact, for sexual services are far from endangered, and appear in print publications as diverse as the Toronto Sun and the New York Review of Books which runs them alongside personals. The ad situation at these major publications is highly regulated but little-discussed. Emily Rushton, an escort in her 30s who tours both cities and smaller towns around Ontario, explains that region is a factor, too.

They can peruse the paper over coffee, and no one knows. Fiona White, who co-runs Toronto agency Payper Princess Escorts with her husband, Bobby, explains that even pre-legislation, online ad sites were especially vulnerable to government shutdowns in recent years, both myRedbook.

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Some agencies and escorts see print advertising as more reliable than online media—less likely to be suddenly shut down, or hacked, or exploited by scammers—and are willing to pay extra for the peace of mind. Print also has a certain cache that might appeal to both sex workers and clients. Clients who are wary of online transactions are liable to see escorts with print as less likely to cheat or scam them.

They include older guys who are used to paper and like to have a phone conversation.

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Inevitably, more publications will follow, though rumour has it that NOW is planning to hold strong. For an industry struggling to retain revenue, the revenue loss will be ificant; there will be layoffs, if not total paper shutdowns.

While online media will be affected, the legislation will be difficult to apply to the digital world.


Sex work supports economies beyond publishing. C will do a lot of harm—mostly to sex workers, to be crystal clear—but it might also clarify how central sex work is to our economy and culture.

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Alexandra Kimball is a writer living in Toronto. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Updated Apr. Originally published in Hazlitt Magazine By Alexandra Kimball My favourite examples of sex worker advertising are from Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcano in 79 AD and then recovered over a series of digs in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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